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Cattle Vaccinations

Our Feeder Calf Vaccination Program

                1st Round

Cattlemaster FP5 – If not weaned
Bovishield Gold 5 – If weaned
Pulmo-Guard PHM1
Ultrabac 7/ Somnubac
Pour on dewormer

               2nd Round – Must be weaned

Bovishield Gold 5
Pulmo-Guard PHM1 – May be repeated for better immunity
Ultrabac 7/ Somnubac
Injectable Ivermectin

Our Breeding Cow Vaccination Program – For Good Record Keeping Herds

Heifers and Bulls at weaning should receive the following:

Bovishield Gold FP5+VL5 HB
Ultrabac 7/ Somnubac
Pulmo-Guard PHM1
* 3-4 weeks later, the above vaccines should be repeated.

* A booster to Bovishield Gold FP5+VL5 HB should be given 45 days prior to breeding.

* Annually revaccinate cows with: 

Bovishield Gold 5 FP5+VL5 HB
Ultrabac 7/ Somnubac

Safe Vaccination Program for Cows

Follow the vaccination schedule as stated above for breeding heifers. 

Once cows are bred, vaccinated with the following:

Cattlemaster FP5 AND Spirovac VL5  OR  Virashield 6+VL5 HB
Ultrabac 7/Somnubac

Vaccination for Cows to Prevent Calf Scours

Scourgard 4KC

2 doses with the 2nd dose given 3 weeks prior to calving
Revaccinate annually

Vaccination for Calves at Birth

Bovine Ecolizer